Library & Reading Room

The Government College, Ambalapuzha is the one and only one higher education institution in Alappuzha district under Government sector. College Library started functioning along with the inception of the institution. It is equipped with more than 7000 reading materials in various formats to cater the academic and recreational needs of students and faculty members of the institution. Open source software koha is used for library automation.

Total number of books in the library: 6984

Books purchased under Walk with Scholar Scheme: 337 (updated in July 2021).

The Library provides:

  • OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) for book search.

  • Internet browsing facility for Staff and Students.

  • Previous University question papers available for reference.

  • Library has a good collection of Reference resources.

  • News Papers and Periodicals are available in the Reading Room.

  • Lending facility for students and staff.

Library Rules & Regulations:

  1. Students are admitted in the Library and Reading Room on production of Identity Cards.

  2. Books in the reference Library, periodicals and books which rare are intended for reference and consultation only within the library premises, they should never be taken out.

  3. Students should maintain absolute silence in the reading rooms; they should not remove any journals or newspaper from the room, tear off pages or pictures or defaced the journals in any manner whatsoever.

  4. Books taken out by staff / students shall not be retained for more than a fortnight (14) days from the date of issue.

  5. Renewal facility is available for another 14 days on demand. Failure to return a book on the due date makes the staff / student liable to a fine of Rs.1 per day.

  6. Borrowers are responsible for the loss or damage to books taken out on loan or for consultation by them. Absence from the college of the student will not be admitted as an excuse for delay in returning the book.

  7. The markings on books in ink or with pencil, spoiling or injury to binding, underling of passages, writing of remarks, etc on the leaves of the books or on illustrations, tearing off pages, pictures, etc. will be punishable with a fine or with replacement. Books should be returned intact.

  8. The borrower must satisfy himself as to whether the book issued to him is in sound condition and if it is not bring the matter to the notice of the Librarian.

  9. The Principal may recall any book loaned to a student at any time.

  10. Students must clear their dues before they receive their hall tickets for University Examinations or before they receive their Transfer Certificate, if they leave before the completion of their academic course.

  11. All books taken by the Teaching, Non-Teaching and Students are to be returned in time for the Annual Stock Verification. All books are to be returned if a member of staff takes leave for more than a month / Transfer to another College.

  12. If a book is lost by borrower he must pay the cost of replacement together with any fine that the Principal may impose upon him

  13. In all matters regarding the library the decision of the principal shall be final.

Library Working Hours:

8.30am to 3.30pm on all working days.

Number of Books allotted for Lending:

BA/BSc/BCom: 2 Books

MA/MCom: 4 Books

Faculty Members: 5 Books

Guest Faculty: 4 Books

Non Teaching Staff: 2 Books

Library Staff

SL Name Designation Qualifications Email & Phone Photo Personal Webpage Link/ CV
1 Asha Peter Librarian Gr. 4 MLISc, NET