Alumni Association

The Alumni Association of the College was inaugurated on 11th March 2023  by  Adv. H Salam , Honourable MLA , Ambalapuzha .

The objectives of the society shall be:

  • To promote contact among members of the Association and to provide a forum for the members of the Association for exchange of experience, information and views.
  • To encourage the former students to actively participate in the developmental works of the college.
  • To raise fund to support the activities of the college by way of subscription or contribution.
  • To take up activities that will positively contribute to the development of the college

Office Bearers

  • President :  Dr. Mothi George ,The Principal (in -Charge) of Govt College , Ambalappuzha
  • Chairman : Arun M S
  • Coordinator : Antony  C F, Assistant Professor of English
  • Treasurer :
  • Faculty members: 
  • Secretary : Arya chandran
  • Joint Secretaries: Arya S Vijayan, Nandu Chandrabose
  • Former Student Members:  Akhil V P, Akash , Dona 



                                             First Ever Alumni Meet on March 11, 2023